Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you ever have times when you feel everything is different, but exactly the same? That's how my life has felt these past few months.

I have more responsibilities and have begun to travel more for work, which is great for breaking the usual office routine, but horrible for my waistline. Testing out the local restaurants is a must when you're out of town! I've also picked up a new hobby with Casey, though it's quite clear who is better between the two of us. Her natural athleticism puts me to shame, but I'm feeling stronger and braver each week so hopefully one day I can catch up. I've also forced  myself into a weekly gym schedule that has me aching every morning and asleep by ten o'clock almost every night. It's a little sad, but beats my original schedule of cookies and Netflix. Most exciting of all, baby McEntire is due really any day now and I am dying to meet him! Tiny nose? Soft, wispy hair? Peach fuzz? Baby smell? Intoxicating! 

Needless to say I keep busy. I've started a list of hopeful spring/summer plans, something I hesitated doing since I have a tendency to never check anything off of the list, but I've kept it small and simple, leaving room for something big and exciting should it come up. 

There's so much to do and look forward to!

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