Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stewart Falls

Yesterday, Drea and I made the short hike to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. I haven't been up there in years and I've made a personal goal to get out and be more active this summer and Utah is the perfect place to do just that! The weather was perfect and the mountains were more lush and green than I have ever seen them, lets hope the burning summer temperatures don't change that.

We stayed at the falls for about an hour, taking pictures, eating our picnic snacks, watching all the kids run through the river acting like it wasn't freezing cold and climbing high enough to feel the mist and make a run through the lower level of the waterfall (I screamed through the whole thing both times, SO COLD!) Places like Stewart Falls help me better appreciate the state I was born and raised in and remind me to take advantage of the beauty and opportunities that are literally surrounding me. Next up Battle Creek Canyon!

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