Monday, August 12, 2013

San Francisco to Burney

Last week me and my good friend Maddi loaded up the car and headed west for San Francisco. It was part vacation, part visiting a friend that had recently adopted an adorable baby boy and part meet up with Maddi's boyfriend AJ who has been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for the past four months. So much to do!

First of all let me say driving in San Francisco is....a nightmare! Everyone is so impatient and I've never heard so much honking in my life, there are even billboards about 'honkaholism'! After a day or two I felt I had it down and I could whip around cars and cut someone off with the best of 'em. Our first big day out we stopped for brunch at Zazie which is not only delicious, but has the cutest atmosphere then headed over to the Japanese Tea Gardens.

We did just about everything touristy we could think of, including walking the Golden Gate Bridge and sitting at Alamo Square across the street from the Painted Ladies where we had a picnic of Easy Cheese and Ritz Crackers and acted like we were hanging out with Uncle Jesse. We walked along Haight Ashbury laughing at the hippies in the park and stopping in shops along the way as a piper and beat-boxing accordion player blared down the street. 

Our last full day started at Fisherman's Wharf for some salt water taffy and a fishwich and since we were denied an Alcatraz tour we opted for an hour boat ride on some dude's fishing boat. It was kind of legit in that we had to pay for it, but we were literally sitting on plastic lawn chairs in the back, perfectly ghetto and made us laugh the whole time. I even made a new unwanted friend that had Maddi and I striking up random conversations and turning to look behind us in order to avoid him and has given me the new nickname of Denise. So awkward, but funny.  

That evening also led us to one of the prettiest places and beaches I have ever, EVER been to. It's called the Sutro Baths Ruins and it is gorgeous. There used to be pool houses along the beach, but they burned down in the 60s and were never rebuilt. We were in complete awe. I still am just thinking back!

Friday we packed up and headed out early for the four hour drive to meet up with the boys, but first made a quick stop to Stinson Beach. Soooooo coooooold! We drove longer to get there than we actually stayed, but it's a cute beach with an even cuter town. I'm torn between living there and Truckee. They have a beach, but Truckee's got the burger.

We met the boys in Burney, and drove into the mountains for a camping spot and a campfire dance sesh. It was fun and interesting seeing a glimpse of their daily lives while on the trail. Lastly we made a quick trip to see Burney Falls and cool off in the lake. Sunday was a looooong drive home, but the trip as a whole was a success! Now I just need another week to relax and recover.

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