Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Until recently, I always had a weird attitude toward yoga. I think part of me thought it was too trendy or only something actresses did so it was unattainable. Or maybe it was my fear of how I'd look in tight yoga pants as I struggled to bend and balance. Regardless, I wanted nothing to do with it. That is, until my friend Drea took interest in yoga as a way to exercise after knee surgery and fell so in love that she went to school to become a certified yoga teacher. I still had my apprehensions, but my Grinch heart was starting to grow. 

After graduating she started teaching a class every Monday at the health clinic we both work at and because I'm a fool I literally forgot about it every week. I attended one class with a few other friends and I'll be honest I was sore the next day. Okay the next few days. Then once again I spaced the classes, but have since started up again and I have to say, I am enjoying myself. I have had a yoga change of heart! It's hard work, harder than I ever thought it would be and I love feeling my muscles get stronger. (These are obviously expressions from someone who doesn't exercise much). 

Even though I'm only in the beginning stages, I've literally been to four classes, I hope to keep it up and get those toned yoga arms I've always wanted. O and get spiritual enlightenment and stuff.

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