Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dream Living

Every summer without fail I feel the itch to start anew. Let's be real I get this itch about every three months, but there's something about summer that just makes it more intense. Maybe its the desire to have a little home with a little garden for summer tomatoes and a fall pumpkin. Or the need to mow the lawn on Saturday mornings and pull the weeds in the flower beds. It's hard having dreams of living in a place where all of those things could be a reality and living in a reality where all of those things are dreams.

I drove through the old neighborhoods in Provo yesterday (I might have a new crush on 200 south) and ached to be a part of them! Perfectly manicured lawns, kids out on their bikes, people just outside enjoying the weather. It's hard to come by up here on the hill. I think deep down I know what would make me feel this sense of contentment I've been searching and moving for, but boy is it expensive!

I'm still trying convince Kathy to let me build a tiny house in the backyard, or maybe I'll stake out a spot in the canyon, but until then I will have to keep dreaming and saving up for the life I dream to live.

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