Monday, September 1, 2014

Four Nights in Phoenix

Labor Day weekend I took my birthday surprise visit out to Phoenix to visit the McEntires in their new city. Things got started off with a hellish ten hour delay and me rage pouting on my couch, finally landing at about 11:30pm. First let me say Arizona is HOTTER THAN HELL. Maddie had been warning me for weeks and I laughed it off saying it had been in the hundreds in Utah, but I take it all back. There is a special, face melting, desert heat going on down there. One of my favorite things about hanging out with the McEntires has always been the ability to go out and be adventurous and explore or sit on the couch, eat cookie dough and watch Netflix. They are lazy adventurers after my own heart. 

We stopped at La Grande Orange for some amazing pizza, walked around old town Scottsdale, stopping to look at The Mission and window shop, ending at the bridge/canal with perfectly strung lights, a live performer and a little lesson about the canal from Trevor. That man can be anywhere for a day and know every environmental aspect and I'm always amazed by it. Saturday we walked through the Phoenix Public Market and I kicked myself for not bringing a legit carry on bag so I could smuggle all of the fresh Arizona honey I could handle. Maybe I'll get some on my doorstep for Christmas....hint. Later that day Trevor and I spent a good hour and a half, maybe more who knows, in the pool just floating, talking and laughing and for me burning. I realized after the weekend was over and I'd spent at least four hours in the water, sizzling in the sun, that maybe I'm not meant to live in a place with year round pool access or I would have skin cancer by 30. I could sit in that water all day, heavenly! 

I loved being back in their house, planting myself on their couch, watching Robin Hood with Ben, laughing, talking about the stuff that matters and wishing the weekend would never end. For three days it was like nothing had ever changed. 

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