Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Yesterday I had a great day. I took off early from work picked up one best friend and headed north to grab another; our first reunion in months. We laughed and gossiped like old ladies, walked around stores none of us could afford and stuffed our mouths while we laughed and gossiped some more. Perfect night. Once I was back home, reflecting on everything we had talked about, it dawned on me that I have become such a negative person. Or have I always been this way and I'm now just realizing it? I've always been sarcastic and a tad cynical, but mostly for comedic value; self deprecation is my joke of choice. Lately though, I'm quick to anger and even quicker to write someone off as annoying. When did I become a crotchety old woman?? 

I've gotta get myself out of this slump of negativity. Now taking suggestions. 

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