Thursday, January 1, 2015

Do Not Open 'til 2016

This time last year I was given the idea to write a letter to myself recapping 2013's events, lessons and overall feeling along with any advice and hopes for 2014. At first I thought it was kind of corny (sorry Drea), but I did it anyway, sealed it up and set it aside for January 1, 2015. Honestly, I totally forgot about the letter until about 11pm yesterday which led to a profanity filled attempt to get it out of the box I stashed it in without having to move anything else blocking it.

I was hesitant to open it, not remembering anything I had written and hoping I didn't put any intense goals or promises to myself in there because I definitely failed. Gratefully, I left goals out of it (I know myself too well) and instead focused on the bigger events from the year and what I learned from them. Ben coming into the world and seeing what a shining light he has been in both Maddie and Trevor's life in his short time here. A trip to Florida that made me grateful for certain kinds of friends. Driving through gorgeous Tahoe on the way to "sleeping" in the mountains of Burney. Reminding myself that nature is and always has been so spiritual and to keep it close; just to name a few.

Surprisingly I loved this letter. Not only was it a condensed version of my journal entries for the year, it was a great source of encouragement from someone who knows me best. There are a few things written down that will carry into 2015 and that's ok, some things take time, but overall it left me smiling and uplifted. After reading it, twice, I decided to write another to open next year, focusing on the same theme from the last letter. If you have never done this and you're feeling skeptical I get it, but just give it a try! Who knows what you're feeling and what to say better than you? Pull out the pen and paper and start today. Happy New Year!

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