Wednesday, October 10, 2012


For three days last week and one looooooong day this week I have been working in Ogden commuting to and from Provo and Salt Lake.  Let me just say I am wiped.  I only drove for an hour and half each way, some days less and by the time I was done I didn't even want to look at my car, how do people travel for a living??  Granted they are probably going some place more exciting than Ogden, Utah, but I mean really.  Living out of a suitcase or in my case a duffel bag and eating out for every meal?  Stops being fun after the twelve hour shift on day one I think.

On the bright side of it all I was able to spend three of those nights with Maddie and Trevor, it was just like Three's Company except two of the roommates are married!  They were the best hosts, making sure I had breakfast every morning, offering me dinner every night and not sending me to bed before I'd  had my bowl of ice cream.  I honestly don't know if I could have made it without their generosity.  Their house, the people and animals that occupy it really make you feel like you're home even if all of your toiletries are in travel containers.  Since coming home I've told myself I need time to "catch up on rest" aka lay in bed and watch movies. My "fatigue" combined with the cool weather leaves me no choice really.  

And Ogden I apologize, you're not all that bad.  I did enjoy downtown Washington Boulevard and your old town tree-lined streets.  

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  1. Prettiest picture ever!!!!!!!! love that i can comment on your posts too. wbs, bye