Monday, January 20, 2014


My best friend is moving to Arizona in three days. THREE DAYS. Besides my initial mental breakdown (Drea knows what I'm talking about) I've been holding in the tears pretty far. "Arizona's a state away, Provo airport flies out to Mesa, we can text, call, email!" This has been my mantra for basically the past month and will probably have to continue well into the next few months at least.

Even though I'm incredibly sad and we've ignored any sort of hug or goodbye I'm trying to take some good out of the situation and by trying I mean grasping for any possible good outcome. What I've come up with is being inspired by the huge change that's on the way for their family. Change is scary, terrifying if you're me, but living in fear is not living! With my new found inspiration I will make an effort to put plans in motion and make things happen.

Imma miss ya fren.

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